Helping organisation's Innovate successfully by showing them how
Knowledge can power their innovation journey

Innovation is hard, and it is risky due to the high level of uncertainty. Innovation often fails – in fact, 95% of product innovations fail. 

And our world is failing. Our planet needs us to innovate. Scientists are telling us we have only 10 years left, maybe, even less.

So innovation is necessary. It is necessary for your organisational sustainability and it is vital to help save the planet.

We, at Innovate Wisely, make innovation easy by showing you how. 

  • We show you how to follow the science-based, knowledge-based framework, InnoWise, that connects innovation with knowledge – by using the Knowledge Canvas
  • We use metrics that are designed for innovation, and are lead indicators which reduces risk – called the Knowledge Pulse.  You’ll be doing the right thing at the right time – reducing waste. 
  • You will consciously manage knowledge so your ideas will be fully realised, which maximises your investment and supports capability growth. 
how we help

Plan your next innovation with a process designed for innovation


Use lead indicators to address risk and keep your initiative on track


Gain valuable insights and maximise potential


Uncover the new knowledge to create further benefits


Embed the new knowledge and stop the knowledge drain

InnoWise™  is a science-based process that connects innovation with knowledge. 


InnoWise starts where ideation stops.  


InnoWise is a four step process designed for continuous improvement: 

1. FORM a new idea and identify the knowledge gap

2. CREATE the innovation and the new knowledge

3. ADOPT the new solution and new knowledge

4. CRITIQUE for continuous improvement and growth


Innovate Wisley™ has developed products to guide you through the process in a systematic, step-by-step way, to make innovation easy. 


We have also developed a method to measure progress using behavioural based metrics, designed to provide lead indicators of performance.  

Knowledge Pulse™ – What is it, How does it work, & Why do You need it?

What is Knowledge Pulse?

Turning your idea into reality requires trust & energy.

  • It takes energy to affect change: ie, resources, stamina, money.
  • It requires trust: the problem is worth solving, the solution will work, collaborators are on board and have the right capability.

Without trust you will struggle to get the support (or energy) you need.

Knowledge Pulse™ measures the behaviours that influence trust and energy.

How does it work?

Knowledge Pulse™ is a survey-based system designed to measure trust & energy at each of the four stages of the initiative’s development.  The answers are analysed & recommendations are made that require attention.


Why do you need it?

Knowledge Pulse™ will provide you with valuable insights before your time, budget or scope are misaligned.  By addressing the roadblocks early, you can adapt or change your strategy.

The InnoWise process illustration

"The tools provide a good insight and it all makes sense."

Andrew Heley (Holcim)

"The Knowledge Pulse questions are clear and enable feedback to be received in a constructive manner, focusing conversations on opportunities for improvement."

Gavin Kenny (Melbourne Water)

Knowledge Canvas™ – What is it, How does it work, & Why do You need it?​

What is the Knowledge Canvas?

Planning how your idea will proceed to full realisation will have uncertainties to overcome.

Using standard project management tools may miss the connection with knowledge and may not allow for continuous improvement . 

You may also miss a valuable step of analysing the feedback and checking the level of adoption.

Innovate Wisely™ has developed a Canvas, with a step-step by guide to plan how your idea will proceed through the four stages of the InnoWise™ process, from ideation through to full realisation.

How does it work?

The Knowledge Canvas™ is an interactive platform accessed through the InnoWise™ app. The Canvas guides you through each step:

  • Form, Create, Adopt & Critique.

The Canvas asks questions about the idea, the solution & the knowledge aspects that are vital for your initiative to be successful.

Why do you need the Knowledge Canvas?

The Knowledge Canvas™ will provide you with a new way of thinking about and planning for your innovations that uncovers the valuable knowledge component. The Knowledge Canvas™ guides you to: 

1. plan for activities to address trust and energy behaviours, 

2. think ahead on what could cause a road-block, 

3. determine how you will address feedback, and 

4 determine how you will measure the level of realisation of the new knowledge that has been created.