Follow the InnoWise™ way to unlock innovation potential

Maximise investment – be effective & efficient – grow in capability

We show you how to connect innovation with knowledge, trust and energy.

We start where ideation & design thinking stops

We offer affordable DIY solutions, suitable for startups, small business and government
We work with medium to large corporates and can customise solutions
We augment existing systems because no other system talks to knowledge or trust like we do.

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The InnoWise Way..

Innovation is vital for organisational growth, success and sustainability.

Innovation is vital to fix the planet.

We help organisations maximise their investment in innovation by providing a framework and tools that:

  • harness the new knowledge
  • realise the full benefits 
  • critique the lessons learned
  • use measures that make sense for implementing ideas, and
  • provides valuable insights.

Our proven, science-based tools include the:

  • Knowledge Canvas™ – to create a knowledge based strategy
  • Knowledge Pulse™ –  survey based analysis to gather input from stakeholders
  • InnoWise™ checklist – to see progress and find your gaps.

These tools have been found to be valuable in a range of different projects and industries.  Checkout our testimonials below.

Learn more:

Watch the video of Lee Foster’s conference presentation from 2020 or listen to the podcast or keep scrolling for testimonials and more

What our Client’s say

Why and How we do it

Plan your next innovation with a process designed for innovation


Use lead indicators to address risk and keep your initiative on track


Gain valuable insights and maximise potential


Uncover the new knowledge to create further benefits


Embed the new knowledge and stop the knowledge drain

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