About us

Lee Foster is the founder of Innovate Wisely.  Joeri (Yuri) Timmermans (of BIGJUMP) is the co-founder.  Both Lee and Joeri are engineers with post-graduate degrees and many years experience in engineering and project management. Joeri is also a Scrum Master and trained in Scale Agile SAFe.


Lee completed a Master of Philosophy through Queensland University of Queensland (QUT) School of Business Management.  Lee wanted to understand why innovation can be difficult in projects and project based organisations. The outcome was the development of the InnoWise™ framework and tools.

InnoWise™ describes the relationship between innovation and knowledge. It is an evidence based framework designed to help managers of innovative initiatives, plan, strategise and manage with knowledge in mind.

InnoWise™ is different to other innovation or project management frameworks as it starts where ideation stops. It provides a systematic and comprehensive, easy to use process to implement your ideas.  It includes regular project health checks using behavioural based metrics. This approach provides an ‘early warning’ system for your initiative, allowing managers to reflect and adjust before time and money is wasted.

Lee has founded Innovate Wisely Pty Ltd to enable other organisations to benefit from InnoWise™.