Innovating Wisely

InnoWise™ connects the Innovation process with the Knowledge and Learning cycle in a systematic, guided way and starts where ideation stops.  It is a four step process designed for continuous improvement. 

  1. FORM a new idea and identify the knowledge gap
  2. CREATE the innovation and the new knowledge
  3. ADOPT the new solution and new knowledge
  4. CRITIQUE for continuous improvement and growth

InnoWise™ is also novel in how we measure progress. We use behavioural based metrics designed to be lead indicators of performance.  Our products and tools include:

KNOWLEDGE CANVAS– an easy to follow, self guided template to help get your innovation ideas up and running or back on track

KNOWLEDGE PULSE – a simple, survey based system to measure how your innovation is proceeding
MANAGE – a full comprehensive and customised plan

want to start innovating with knowledge in mind?