Innovate Wisely can help with:

  • Preparing project plans with knowledge in mind
  • Analysing survey data and generating project health checks
  • Providing training on the innovation – knowledge nexus
  • Exploring your future project(s) and analysing options for least risk
  • Analysing past projects for improvement opportunities

InnoWise™ is different from other processes or tools as it connects the Innovation process with the Knowledge and Learning cycle in a systematic, guided way.  It starts where ideation stops.  It is a four step process which recognises that successful change is a continuous journey. It can be applied at the portfolio (strategic), programme or project (team) level and at any phase of the innovation or project cycle.

InnoWiseTM is a systematic process to plan, measure, and manage your projects for innovative outcomes:

  1. FORM a new idea and identify the knowledge gap
  2. CREATE the innovation and the new knowledge
  3. ADOPT the new solution and new knowledge
  4. CRITIQUE for continuous improvement and growth

InnoWise™ is also novel in how we measure the progress of innovative projects.  We use behavioural based metrics to measure and analyse so you can reflect and adjust your plan before time and money is wasted.

If you’re ready to Innovate Wisely or to learn from your past and harness the new knowledge developed through the innovation cycle, we can help with these products:

PLAN – an easy to follow, self guided template to help get your innovation ideas up and running
MEAUSURE – a survey based system to measure how your innovation is proceeding including a personal consultation with Lee
MANAGE – a full comprehensive and customised plan made in collaboration with Lee

want to start innovating with knowledge in mind?